Something within that is beyond word..

I always knew that I can turn to this whenever things get outta hand. Something understands.. when I turn to this I can see the all the story around it.. neutrality at its best.

The gift of none other than Here within Us.

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I meet myself every day in a new way.

Every single day, there is a part of me that I am yet to meet. The moment I discovered something, is when I am being introduced to myself once again in a new way, in new Light.


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I see it

I want to be a loving person, I want to embrace everything with love, slowly, the mind comes in and gives unnecessary fears like it has to be perfect & has no stains. Because of that wanting to be perfect the pure heart slowly fade and all I hear is the illusive perfect picture. Lies.

If I can just ignore the perfect & start loving maybe I have started something a little than nothing at all. Because if I go with the mind again, I will live with insecure, not trusting the universe, myself. It gets back at me, for all is a mirror. I guess I was wrong looking at the perfection of loving, there is only unconditional love no matter what state we are in, love is always ever flowing within us.500xNxattitude_quotes_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.t-PAZ9dUz2

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Walk outside to take out the the trash & park my car

Well, as soon as I reach home, that shaky feeling from the morning I woke (very shaky) is all gone now. Wow.. didn’t expect walking outside of my house to take out the trash and park my car can do this miracle.. just wow..

I have never given it a chance, I thought simple things wouldn’t work, the mind the logic, it will never work, this time I was wrong.

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Ever new today

Hello ­čÖé

This is my first own personal blog. I have decided (not planned) right away to just write somewhere, anywhere, where I can completely┬áwrite anything out, doesn’t matter my grammar, I am just here to be free and be my authentic self. So ┬ámany things has forbid me from speaking out what I feel, I hope this is the place where I can just be honest with what I feel and to say anything I want. I just want to be honest of what’s inside of me as a person.

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