A little word with my dad

It’s been a while since we talked, we usually talk about spiritual stuff. In the end, throughout what I have been through, though with differences in our lives, we still can relate. In the end, it’s Oneness. We are all One. It was a good times, I have clear all those what’s been kept within me. I didn’t know much communication with someone could heal us and bring us to see with clear eyes again.

I thought something was against me. I didn’t realize it is all matter and a circulation of vibration and energy. I know this but I never really get into details about what it really meant. We can be One with the rain, we can be one perhaps with a any person put there. How much love can we bring out the best in ourselves, that indirectly people around us can feel the overflowing of such freedom in ourselves of feeling that unconditional love we had of one self. It’s very beautiful the fact that, it feels such gifted and such honoured to feel being existed here in this world especially when we understand the Unconditional love is, in our own pace. Such kindness allows me to open in my own way, such lightness. Very beautiful.

I knew this arising feeling will come out so be can become whole again. Such simple understanding is required. It will work on its own. “BEING KIND” how powerful it is when we really take time to really feel this word. It’s a compassion towards ourselves.. We need that the most.

**Just noticed this was written 4 years ago and was in my draft?* Wow..

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