New World.. my personal world

Today.. this afternoon I watched a video, my all time favourite Soul – Anita Moorjani. I truly adore and love this beautiful so much. She is the 1st person that made me understand what unconditional love is. Thank you Anita Moorjani for existing, I truly Love you dearly ❤

So I watched her interview.. about Our energy alone can touch people’s lives without exchanging words or talk to anyone. The moment we enter a room full of people, our presence alone can change the vibration of the room. How amazing that is! Well of course, my inner fear creep out what if I had bad energy or low energy since my anxiety just got worse from time to time? I learned that being emphatic , I do absorb people’s energy and Anita did enlighten about embracing our ego – our sense of self that makes us different from another. Mind you, egocentric people is the one that think about themselves and are selfish and narcissist – does not think about others.

So from my personal journey, I tried to maintain the “good” image in everything I do. So if there’s anything the opposite I would judge myself harshly and thinking I wasn’t enough for the Universe. Little did I know that truly in this life there is not judgement. God doesn’t judge us, humans do. I have this deep held beliefs that I couldn’t let go. So when Anita in the past did mention about Love our whole being – that includes our ego. I remember reading a book from Neale Donald Walsch  – to deny a part of ourself is to deny our whole self. Trust me, all the unloving part of myself just dissolve when I genuinely connect myself lovingly and with no judgement. For years I was too hard on myself and whenever I place both of my hand to my chest, I saw resistance, pain and fear arise – I was too much on my mind instead of being balance feeling with my body. I was disconnected with my body due to unloving part of me but when we start connect our body and mind with our genuine heart, healing just happen, suddenly I can just breathe into more life.

Throughout the years, when I look back there are some part of me that have not changed and also have changed. Personal journey is ongoing.. many times I depends on my intellect due to my job – I had closed myself off from my intuition, my inner guidance, i was lost. But now I am back to myself , left my job as it does not nourish my soul.

So bottom line – having a good energy (by doing things we love and truly loving ourselves) + embrace our ego is the (loving and accept the whole part of ourself)  = Balance.

A reminder to myself :

Dear Self, I know that your are tied with your past. You tried to paint new picture but you were afraid. There is lotsa fear + anxiety, gonna be brutally honest here. So today I will begin a new day. I will start from my home to start with myself having a good energy by allowing myself whatever i need to nourish myself in my own way & embrace my ego (i’m totally lacking of this) no wonder I  was so out of balance. It’s like i’ve given away 80% of myself – especially to my job. I admit I was very lifeless back then. So I will start to embrace my sense of self, who I truly am as that will eventually set the tone for a healthy boundary.

Will share my journey in life.. maybe in years to come haha

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