Pain is not anyone’s home

I remember back then when I never really understood the pain that many talked about especially in the comments.. I remember they were very protective and so sure of their pain that no solutions nor possibilities to look at the pain in different light or a broader view.

I never understood.. I always wonder. They held their pain so close to them and get very aggressive. That made me curious and wonder a lot.. so as months and months passed by, I was in that place. I felt pain, all what they’ve spoke about, I have gone through that. I was in great pain. Being in this place, I can see now that sometime we feel there is no option and we’re helpless because it felt so real.

I could skip the process of harboring pain each day but at that point I had this view that I must go through pain because everyone was going through too, being happy won’t help, I thought being happy was selfish.

Turns out, to change the world is to change ourselves. When we are lack of love, that’s what we would show to the world and to the people around us and in truth we are naturally Love. Our existence itself is Love, I am simply Love as I exist. No matter what I do I am spiritual. One thing is that, the self-help people are the most harshest towards themselves.

What I can see now is that laughter and loving is the highest vibrations. Make silly joke and take nothing personally. Do the little things that you love. To love ourselves is to allow ourselves to live in our own Light. While we are still in this world, there’d be all kinds of differences among us all that can make us forget ourselves. This differences is what makes us to Love not in one kind but through the differences in all kind.

Foremost I would like to say for every soul out there to follow their own inner guidance.

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I want to say that you do not have to live in pain just because the people around you is living in pain. There are times I feel bad that they are in pain and at times I felt guilty . My little self feel it’s not fair that they are in pain and I am not.. back then I didn’t know well about the world but now I do and still growing from it.

It’s okay to feel these emotions, while we are still humans, we’re gonna feel these pain, fear, sad.. this does not make us any ‘less’. This feelings make us whole. When we love ourselves, we wouldn’t hurt others. There are people out there that say mean things to another, I saw many comments that are mean.. You see, if you are happy with yourself and feel good with where you are right now, no matter through hardships and the struggles, when you love and accept yourself, you wouldn’t bring people down and say mean things.

Being compassionate makes you a little sensitive because you can feel things deeply. When I see mean things from one to another, I feel restless at times. Why the need to hurt other people? I don’t have an answer for that now. I may have one from my assumed mind and it would vary from person to person. My heart says what they need is just… Love. I guess lack of love could be the reason for it

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